Experience surfing one of the last frontiers in the world, Papua New Guinea.In the eyes of the modern world, many still consider PNG to be relatively ancient by virtue of contrasting landscapes, its people and old customs.

Papua New Guinea 2012 - First Kitesurf Adventure

Our friends over at In the Loop Kiteboarding have recently gone on their first kiteboarding adventure charter in 2012 on the Golden Dawn for 9 days traveling out east of Alotau towards some remote islands and reef systems.

PNG Surf Donation Drive

A call out for donations of surfboards long and short, leg ropes, fins, surfing products, boardies, rashies,wax, booties etc.

The battle that local surfers in PNG face in just finding/securing an old/new fiberglass surfboard to simply enjoy what we take for granted, is an ongoing challenge in the village communities as the sport evolves.

Invited to speak at the 2013 World Surf Cities Network Conference

SAPNG is please to announce that we have been invited to speak at the 2013 World Surf Cities Network Conference on the Gold Coast late February 2013, to share our SAPNG surf management model and how it has evolved over the last 26 years, in contributing to the social and economic development and nation building of PNG,

Splinters The Film

Splinters, praised by ESPN for “reviving the surf film genre”, combines great on-wave action with high drama. Restricted by gender, culture and limited jobs, a unique group of athletes contests for a national championship as a ticket off the paradise of Papua New Guinea.

Quicksilver helps Vanimo FSC

The funding for this will be provided by connecting the audience of SPLINTERS documentary to the centre. Quicksilver praised Vanimo Hospital family Support Centre (FSC) for doing an holistic work to combat the causes and effects of violence against women. The centre was featured in the Splinters documentation.