The capital of the West Sepik province is Vanimo, which sits on a little peninsula with beautiful beaches on all sides. A great spot for snorkelling and surfers in search for the perfect wave.

Lido Right

Vanimo Surf Lodge is located in North West Papua New Guinea close to the Indo / PNG border and is within walking distance to Lido Village and faces Lido point a wrapping and playful right hander that is all but guaranteed to become your next favori

Wave Type: 
Long Paddle
Body Board, Short Board
Best Months: 
November - March
Wave Length: 
10 - 20m
Share With: 
1 - 10 Surfers

Vanimo Surf Lodge

Vanimo Surf Lodge has a range of surf breaks on the north coast of Papua New Guinea neighbouring Indonesia’s territory of Jayapura. The concept of the Vanimo Surf Lodge was born from friendly conversations between Andy Abel and David Ryan after a few early expeditions in the early 1990’s.

Intrepid surfers have been coming from all over the world to Vanimo since the 1980s as it appeals to the surf traveller with a sense of adventure and exploration.