Papua New Guniea

Papua New Guinea, officially the Independent State of Papua New Guinea, is a country in Oceania, a part of the largest non-continental island in the Pacifics. It is in the middle of a long chain of islands which form part of a great arc of mountains stretching from the Asian mainland through Indonesia and into the South Pacific. It has more than 600 islands and is south of the equator, some 150 kilometres north of Australia.

Also it is a land of incredible beauty, with awesome mountains, plunging gorges and rushing rivers.

Tupira Surf Club

Be among the first International surfers to experience this surf rich area. Andrew Abel SAPNG boosts that the Turpira Surf Club has access to up to seven uncrowded breaks and Ulingan Bay is one of the most consistent swell magnets in Papua New Guinea.

Tupira Surf Club, Ulingan Bay is located approximately 180 kilometres north of Madang Town and approx. a 2 hour scenic drive from Madang Airport  by sealed road along the beautiful north coast of Madang.

Ulingan Bay

Ulingan Bay is one of the most consistent swell magnets in Papua New Guinea. Surf straight out front, great culture and awesome food, Tupira is perfect this summer.

Wave Type: 
Long Paddle
Sharks, Reef/Rock
Body Board, Short Board
Best Months: 
November - March
Wave Length: 
10 - 20m
Share With: 
1 - 10 Surfers

Vanimo Surf Lodge

Vanimo Surf Lodge has a range of surf breaks on the north coast of Papua New Guinea neighbouring Indonesia’s territory of Jayapura. The concept of the Vanimo Surf Lodge was born from friendly conversations between Andy Abel and David Ryan after a few early expeditions in the early 1990’s.

Intrepid surfers have been coming from all over the world to Vanimo since the 1980s as it appeals to the surf traveller with a sense of adventure and exploration.