New Ireland Province


BBs is a very consistent wave that is surfable on any tide. It is a very fast hollow wave. When the tide is high the second section lines up and you can get some long rides.

Wave Type: 
Short Paddle
Share With: 
1 - 10 Surfers


This wave is always 1.5-2 times bigger than anything else on the coast. It produces some incredible barrels on days when other spots are barely breaking.

Wave Type: 
Rights and Lefts


A short boat trip from Kavieng and often well worth the trip. Spooky at low tide but a nice option around mid water. The main break is a nice peak at the extreme NW of the island reef.

Nusa Island Retreat

Nusa Island Retreat is set on an idyllic point surrounded by a beautiful swimming beach teeming with marine life. It is the perfect choice for those seeking that elusive slice of paradise.

The environmentally low impact retreat is within easy reach of Kavieng township (just two minutes by boat). At 2.5 degrees south of the equator, the perfect tropical weather will ensure a superb Melanesian holiday.

Pikinini Point

A fantastic right hander just on the Harbour at Kavieng. What a find this must have been or the first surfers to see it break.

Wave Type: 
Long Paddle
Sharks, Urchins, Reef/Rock
Body Board, Short Board
Best Months: 
November - March
Wave Length: 
50 - 100m
Share With: 
1 - 10 Surfers

PNG Surfaris

Fly into Kavieng then straight onto the air-conditioned comfort of the "PNG EXPLORER", a 23m steel vessel kitted out with all mod cons and safety gear. Cruising along at a comfortable nine knots, the "PNG EXPLORER" and her crew will ensure you have the charter experience of a lifetime. Leaving Kavieng, your destination will be much further afield to the many islands and reefs still being explored for surf. There are many known breaks that you will visit but many more that we are yet to discover.


 A frame straight out front of our dining area.

Wave Type: 
Rghts and Lefts
Easy Paddle

Rubio Plantation

For the surf adventurer looking for a new location with guaranteed no crowds. This surf-rich east coast of New Ireland is unchartered by mainstream surfers and the potential for world class waves is endless. Rubio Plantation offers basic traditional accommodation and a home-stay vibe.


Slipperies is a beautiful spot that is worth the short walk to it even when it is flat. The wave is also very good. The right is short and can be very hollow while the left is a lot longer and has an easy take off and can have some hollow sections.

Wave Type: 
Rights and Lefts
Medium Paddle