Rubio Plantation

For the surf adventurer looking for a new location with guaranteed no crowds. This surf-rich east coast of New Ireland is unchartered by mainstream surfers and the potential for world class waves is endless. Rubio Plantation offers basic traditional accommodation and a home-stay vibe.

Rubio Plantation Retreat is set on a 76 hectare private plantation located 220 km from Kaveing, down the Buluminski Highway. From Kavieng Airport, New Ireland, where your journey begins, it's a relaxed three hour drive to the retreat. After being greeted by your hosts, Shane and Annette Clarke, you are free to explore the vast grounds of the retreat. Rubio Plantation starts from the beach and goes up to the mountains. It has many trails to explore and a beautiful cool stream nearby that offers a chance to refresh and cool off. Rubio Plantation Retreat has its own private beach with a barrelling A-frame peak out the front which is best viewed from the dining area. This wave can be surfed on any tide and is a short paddle out, you just need to decide to go right or left.

Traditional bungalow accommodation

Rubio Retreat accommodation consists of traditional bungalows made from native materials and overlooking the retreat's private beach to maximise ocean views. The retreat has one standard bungalow, two superior bungalows and two larger two-bedroom bungalows. The superior bungalows and the Family bungalows are equipped with private bathrooms and the standard bungalow has shared facilities. All bathrooms have flush toilets and showers and all bungalows have mosquito nets. Solar panels and hydroelectric provide power for the retreat. There is a total of 15 beds . You only need a group of 7 or more to book out the entire retreat exclusively for your group.

  • 1 x Standard Bungalow - 2 x Single beds

  • 2 x Superior Bungalow - (1 has 2 x Singles) (1 has 1 x Queen bed and 1 x single)

  • 2 x Standard 2 bedroom Bungalows - 2 bedrooms (1 x Queen and 2 x singles and a double) (1x Queen and 4 x singles)


The local chef serves up three hearty, family-style meals daily in the dining area overlooking the beach and surf-break. Meals consist of a combination of European, Asian and local foods. The kitchen bakes home-made breads and pastries daily and tea and coffee are available at all times. Chocolate is Rubio's specialty as they grown their own cocoa beans on the plantation.


Most surf trips are done by the Toyota Troop Carrier that will seat up to 7 guests with a large roof rack for boards .  There is another twin cab utility truck that will take another 4 guest.  If there are more than 6 or 7 surfers at Rubio, 2 vehicles will be used for surf trips and groups can be broken up.

There is also a boat available for surf trips to outer islands at extra cost.

Other Activities

  • Caving
  • Hiking 
  • Bird watching 
  • Canoeing 
  • Fishing

Besides enjoying the surf, beaches and stream there are plenty of other things to do. Visitors come from around the world to catch a glimpse of Papua New Guinea's exquisite birds of paradise. There are also several interesting caves nearby to explore. For hikers, there are many trails along the coast and into the mountains. The retreat has mountain bikes for hire If you feel like taking a ride ... it's a great way to experience the countryside.

Local culture

Sing Sings (traditional dancing) and Mumus (traditional cooking in an underground oven) can both be arranged with the local village. A boat trip to visit the famous Malangan carvers on Tabar Island can also be arranged.

Surf Spots

Rubio Plantation Retreat has many good surf spots close by. Some are within walking distance, with Rubio directly out the front of the dining area! The surf season is from October to April. The retreat has access to waves ranging from mellow long board waves to fast hollow tubes. There are both rights and lefts and are open to many swell directions.

The retreat has boats and vehicles available to take you out to the many excellent breaks on the offshore islands or along the coastline of New Ireland. There is one small island ten minutes from the retreat and two groups of islands further out with endless possibilities.

The surfer numbers are limited to ten surfers at the retreat and another ten overall in the region with so many breaks zero crowds are guaranteed.A description of a few waves in the area. For privacy reasons the retreat does not name breaks, just tells there proximity to the retreat.

Rubio left - The left is fast and hollow all the way through. It is shallow and can be very challenging. 40 mins from the retreat a left which is located 40 minutes from the retreat. It's a fast hollow and shallow it needs a decent swell before it works.

Rubio right - The right is an easy wave which breaks along the edge of a channel with an easy paddle out. It has a hollow first section and then walls up. When it gets bigger it can be very hollow all the way through. Can be surfed on both tides.

20 mins from the retreat - A steep drop with a easy right all the way to the beach. Good on any tide, the left on the north side of the rock is a best option.

Northern right -This right is north of the retreat. Good on any tide. When the swell direction is good it runs down the reef from the point and then bends and barrells on the last section. If the swell direction isn't good then just the end section works which is still good.

30 mins from the retreat - Fast wave that can get hollow. The end section is very shallow on a low tide. Only breaks on certain swell directions

10 mins from the retreat - A fast hollow right 10 minutes boat ride from the retreat


 A frame straight out front of our dining area.

Wave Type: 
Rghts and Lefts
Easy Paddle