PNG Surfaris

Fly into Kavieng then straight onto the air-conditioned comfort of the "PNG EXPLORER", a 23m steel vessel kitted out with all mod cons and safety gear. Cruising along at a comfortable nine knots, the "PNG EXPLORER" and her crew will ensure you have the charter experience of a lifetime. Leaving Kavieng, your destination will be much further afield to the many islands and reefs still being explored for surf. There are many known breaks that you will visit but many more that we are yet to discover.

The PNG Surfaris should be on the top of this list for any surfer that is seeking uncrowded waves in a remote paradise. PNG Surfaris offers an exceptional experience. Amazing food, super friendly crew, amazing hosts and an endless supply of remote and uncrowded surf that will cement PNG Surfaris as the best Surf trip you ever had. 

About PNG Surfaris 

Solidly built, this spacious 23 metre charter vessel has been refitted to ensure the absolute comfort and functionality for the ultimate uncrowded surf charter experience in the perfection of tropical PNG. Providing fantastic service is a top priority for PNG's most experienced duo in surf exploration with Captain Andrew Rigby and wife Jude. Together with their experienced crew, they aim to maintain and expand on the great hospitality & PNG experience they have provided over the past three years of surf charters.

Built to survey the super sea worthy PNG Explorer provides air conditioned comfort, a must have in the tropical climate of Papua New Guinea. The large shaded deck space allows ample room for outdoor relaxing, dining & board storage. Not forgetting the amazing cuisine ranging from locally caught shellfish and fish to locally reared beef.  Accompanied by a selection of Aussie beers & wines not forgetting the local favourite – SP!

Enjoy the flexibility of being on a boat and the knowledge of your experienced skipper/surf guide Andrew Rigby, who will always take you to the best possible locations. Surf waves discovered only in the past two years, with no crowds and only your mates to see you get barrelled.

Imagine ... you arrive at the next island for another spectacular sunrise and jump straight into the speed boat for a quick ride to the closest quality wave. Back on board after an early surf for an awesome cooked brekkie to set you up for another day of surf and adventures in a tropical paradise. 

Power couple Andrew and Jude Rigby have been exploring the region for years and are super keen on surf exploration and intent on offering a high standard of hospitality and an unforgettable PNG experience. The trip explores any number of breaks throughout PNG and you will experience a true sense of exploration and never a crowd. 
The PNG Explorer has six spacious cabins set up as four twin berths and two single doubles maintained at a perfect temperature with a well thought out ventilation & air conditioning system. Enjoy a hot shower in one of two separate shower rooms.

Spread out in the ‘house’ sized lounge hosting a large flat screen with DVD player and cranking sound system. Alternatively relax and read from our library of popular books and magazines.  
The huge upper deck on the Explorer is a great spot for lounging on one of the many day beds. It’s also the main dining area onboard, which is a perfect location for relaxing. Grab a drink from the well stocked icy cold beer fridge to help you chill near the large barbeque while listening to the cranking outdoor sound system.

The lower “surf” deck is perfectly designed and set up for a tropical surfer, consisting of a board preparation table and padded alloy board racks for thirty surfboards. The large duckboard at water level is accompanied with aluminium dive ladder which boasts an underwater platform so you can easily access the mighty explorer even from the water.
To ensure fast and safe transfers to the breaks the PNG explorer runs two tenders. A 24 foot tender and a 23 foot banana boat. Both tenders have all the necessary safety equipment, alloy board racks and dive ladders for easy water to tender access.

Your hosts

PNG Frontier Surfaris is operated by Andrew and Jude Rigby who have been living and navigating in PNG waters for over two years.

Andrew has many years of experience on the water and is a highly competent and qualified skipper and engineer. He is previously a yacht owner, as well as having years of experience aboard the Rigby family’s numerous professional fishing and charter vessels in Port Philip Bay and Bass Strait. Most importantly, Andrew is a passionate surfer of 17 years, growing up on the Surf Coast of Victoria; he is now fulfilling a lifelong ambition - to take people surfing!

Jude is from Northern Ireland and her background is in evironmental protection and she has many years experience in hospitality and tourism as a hostess on boats in France and Australia. This has given her the credentials for a high standard of guest care and to ensure your daily menu has an inviting selection of locally inspired and western cuisine.

Andrew and Jude first realised the potential of the waves in this area in April 2005. Later that year, as the swell arrived, Andrew was able to surf the waves for the first time. Locals were amazed as Andrew surfed the “si brukim” (breaking sea) standing on foam and fibreglass. This was obvious by the crowds that gathered to watch and metered by their reaction as he disappeared into the wave (a 4 ft right-hander) and charged out the other end. That was their first barrel on this island and Andrew's right to name the break.

Since this time we have been able to document the consistency of these waves and discover many more. We are the first to do this in many of the islands and we are keen to share this place with other surfers, whilst still up keeping the relative secrecy, as there are few unsurfed frontiers such as this left in the world.

As a business PNG Frontier Surfaris endeavours to promote a sustainable form of tourism which is low impact on the environment and beneficial to the local communities. We would like to learn from the mistakes of other surf destinations by restricting the number of surfers, adopting a surf management plan that is unique to this country and developed under principles of The Surfing Association of Papua New Guinea (SAPNG).

The Surf 

Written by Captain Andrew Rigby of PNG Surfaris:  The surf season for our area of operation in Papua New Guinea is from late October to April. This is taking advantage of the Northern Hemisphere swells coming from the northwest to northeast directions. During this period the wind is predominately from the N/NW. The surf generally ranges from 3-4ft; bigger swells see it at 5-6ft. Here is a run down of just a few of the hidden gems up here ... Jump aboard and we’ll take you there.

Senta Pass
Extremely fast and hollow left. Goofy footers only, unless you really rip. One tube recorded at 11 seconds, followed by a trip to the Haus Sik (hospital). Get the picture?!!!

A long & playful, long workable wall. It’s a mellower option on the larger days, and good for all abilities.

Vala Vala
A right-hand reef pass close to shore, with a flat weed-covered reef, and a double bowl section. Very consistent break – swell magnet for the area.

Korongai (also known as Gas Chambers)
A slab reef located in the entrance to a bay, which breaks best to the right. Extremely hollow in both directions, but only for 25 metres. Paddle, pull in, grab the rail, then get spat out. A four second ride that is a guaranteed cover-up.

Naikasau (also known as Outer Kiddies)
A fast playful right, breaking off a beautiful point on an island. Short and shallow, but not too fast, just a lot of fun.

Lovongai Right
A peeling right-hander, up to a 100-yard ride, with a nice consistent wall, that just keeps pulling up in front of you. Very beautiful location.

Anselim’s Reef
Not frequently surfed, but sheltered in an easterly wind. Needs quite a bit of swell before it kicks in. Outer island location.

Drain Pipe
Needs solid swell, very hollow crazy right. Excellent cover-up potential.

Two Trees
It’s a very reliable, barreling right-hander with a few sections. Good for all abilities